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Do note that checking the hard drive will pause writing to it, and since the system is continuously writing and updating data on the drive, this may result in the system hanging for a few seconds while the checking routines run, so do not be alarmed if you see the spinning color wheel cursor and cannot perform other tasks while this routine is going on.However, even if the system seems paused for a long time, the routine should resume sooner or later.This is especially true if you use an outdated version of these software packages that may have a bug or two in it.While periodic maintenance of your Mac is usually not necessary to keep it running in top shape, one exception is periodically checking your hard drive for errors.For the second command, VOLUME is some name that will target the boot partition itself, instead of the drive. The first is to use the name of the boot volume, which should be surrounded by quotes if there are spaces in it (or you can properly escape the space characters with a backslash before them).The second is to use the slice ID for the volume, which looks like the device ID, but with an "s1" or "s2" appended.

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Unfortunately, formatting errors can happen even if you've just been using your computer in a normal way, so even though your system may be running fine at the moment, it can only benefit from a regular drive check.If you're using Google Chrome as your browser, look at the top right corner, at the end of the search bar. Near the bottom of the list, there is an option that says "Empty cache." Select it.If you are concerned about your Mac starting to run slow or become unstable, you may have looked into regularly running maintenance routines to clear caches, log files, and other temporary items from your system.A leader in environmental responsibility, they recycle aluminums, display assemblies & all the way down to the micro components on motherboards to reuse in future repairs.On average, they save 2lbs - 3lbs of electronic waste over the average repair shop.

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