Ivy dating service

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With a natural ability to read and match individuals, she is committed to providing her members with a world-class experience that is sure to deliver solid results.

And it all starts with an approach that puts clients in control of their own destinies.

People have truly taken notice and have come to depend on the team for help to find a perfect partner with shared values, a similar lifestyle, and perhaps a like-minded philosophy.

Most importantly, Ivy team members assure clients that the right partner really is out there. “It’s probably what I’m most proud of: assembling a unique team of individuals who are the heart of Ivy.” Inga told us her team is very diverse and come from an array of cultural backgrounds — with 11 different nationalities on board.

“We will not be doing travel tips and things like that but wider, more in-depth content, including collaborations and interviews,” she said.

“All of it will center on love as the glue and the common topic.” Out of all of her professional accomplishments, Inga said she is extremely proud of having found the passionate and skilled staff on her Ivy International team.

Inga and her team go above and beyond to create a lasting impression and a one-of-a-kind experience through coaching built to guide, inspire, and, at times, challenge clients to move forward.Inga’s early work as a yachting journalist and photographer allowed her to report from around the world — a learning experience that would inform her later work as an entrepreneur and business consultant.With a master’s degree in finance and experience in journalism, she became CEO of a leading international steel trading company at 30.Ivy International’s success rate continues to increase, with a 92% of male clients finding partners in the first year.“Our service is highly bespoke, personal and discrete, and in our magazine you will obviously not find any information about our members,” Inga said.

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