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In fact, one could argue that the males are the most charming on the planet.When you are in the presence of a Leo man, you are going to know it.Long ago, I learned not to question why I am drawn to this topic.Instead, I’ve simply accepted it as a gift from the universe.If you’ve ever studied the human mind, you’ve probably heard of a mover and shaker named Carl Jung.He was a famous psychiatrist who is largely credited for his work with dream interpretation.Much of this directly relates to our sign’s ruling planet, the sun.It is for this reason Leo is considered a Fire Sign, one of the four elemental groupings in the traditions of horoscopic astrology.

Many have reported being swept up in a current of energy without realizing what was happening. We’re not going to use alcohol or other social lubricants to get your guard down. Depending on your approach and ability to make us feel exalted, we will let down our guard. Ancient mysticism teaches us that when Leo men are in the presence of their birthstone, Peridot, we become sexually submissive.We typically grab everyone’s attention in the room, often without speaking a word.Moreover, when we speak to you, even if meeting for the first time, we’re going to make you feel like the center of the universe.Before we dive too deep, I need to be upfront with you and share that I’m not an astrologer or psychic.Instead, I’m just a man who has studied psychology with a deep interest in the psycho-spiritual.

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