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That all changed with the arrival of AIDS, however, and suddenly sex was no longer a casual pleasure but a biological threat with potentially fatal consequences.

We had grown steadily closer and closer and were both anxious to make love but as we were in the desert water was in short supply.Should passion survive under these circumstances then the entire tent swiftly becomes a sauna, droplets of sweat forming on the roof, drowning insects falling onto your back, the entire structure shaking rhythmically to your gymnastics, providing a fun show for anyone camped nearby.Sometimes it’s surely the conditions themselves that prevent the Gatherings from being an all-out Love Fest.I remember my first Rainbow romance in the Israeli desert back in 2000.We spent several evenings in a row in each other’s arms, swaying gently to the all-night ragas played by an Austrian duo who had just come back from studying music in Varanasi.

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