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Guys like Anthony Hamilton, his friend and former backup singer, discussed the new record as a point of fact while in Richmond in early April, though he added he hadn’t heard it himself.

Even the online encyclopedia Wikipedia — not necessarily a model of consistency — carries rumor of the new album, calling it by the relatively prosaic working title James River.

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His cousin Latrice Taylor, located through a service rep at a local car dealership and who promised to pass a note to D’Angelo through her aunt, got nowhere; and D’Angelo’s cousin Marlon — half of his ex-band, the Dirty Soulz, and one of D’Angelo’s first recording partners — could not be found for comment. If D’Angelo really was in Nashville by now, one could assume he was doing what he did best: getting back to basics, cutting tracks on spec which he’d then shop to labels.

H., determined just to set eyes on the guy (and I did). This was the state of things anyway, the day I tried to get D’Angelo on the phone. Was he still in touch with former girlfriend and musical collaborator Angie Stone, with whom he’d reportedly split after she gave birth to his son, Michael Jr., in 1999?

1, nabbed two Grammies and wound up on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

, follows, as Stone puts it in the liner notes, “a woman’s life, all the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, and the joys….” And Stone is all over the damn radio, thanks to “No More Rain (In This Cloud),” which weaves in a riff from the classic Gladys Knight and the Pips weepie “Neither One of Us.” Although she’s touted as a talented upstart, Stone is no new kid — the South Carolina native has been in the game for two decades. It’s overwhelming, because it’s come from a long haul of stress and getting over the past and moving forward. I just feel like to run from it only creates mystery. D’Angelo’s an extreme talent, but he’s human, and that makes him subject to the same things all these other brothers are subject to. For the first time in a long time, adults have a record they want to invest fifteen dollars in. Would you please give her a major shout-out for me: Grege Morris? They have a song, and my son, little Michael, is the star of that song.

She was in the R&B bands Sequence and Vertical Hold, and has written songs for Mary J. We’ll just have to keep going to church.” You know how hard it is trying to drag a partner to church? I’ve done nothing wrong, so I have nothing to run from. I’m a real woman, and a real woman can face adversity head on. You thanked an army of people on your album — your trainer, Michael, for instance. He’s two, and he’s off the hinges, that’s all I can tell you.

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