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As the name rightly suggests, it is one of the fastest growing hookup apps with options for juicy content.

A new “SMS experience” — co-created by erotic writers and sex educators — allows users to text a number and receive lessons in sexting from the “Slutbot.” This carnal chatbot, launched Tuesday, is the bawdy brainchild of the digital gurus behind Juicebox, a relationship app which offers advice on sex and love.

“People want their minds stimulated, and dirty talk is a great way to do that.” In building her automated sext coach, Rader emphasized consent and good “sextiquette” — while still having fun with language and not shying away from talk about bondage and other kinks.

“We even talked to a linguist to help us code all of the appropriate words,” she says.

I tried a photo of my upper arm; “where are the n00ds :(”, the bot said.

I tried a shot of my calf: “that doesnt turn me on at all :(”.

Billed as a game to explore “the frailty of algorithms and human sexuality” by creator Mike Walker on his website, Sext Machine aims to play with and challenge the idea that some things are inherently sexy and some things are not by letting a robot decide what is or isn’t hot.“There are so many different ways you can say ‘yes.’ ” Slutbot offers six different “flows” depending on a user’s gender, relationship status and sexuality, with options for gay and non-binary texters.Users can also choose between “Slow & Sensual” or “Hot & Heavy” settings.Immediately I got a response — a very fitting “how u doing bae? There was something kind of sexy about receiving a message that told me exactly what percentage of arousal this robot was feeling. Perhaps it's inherently hot to sext, even if it’s just a game with a robot. Next I sent a two-hot-dogs-at-the-beach-like pic of my legs.It was odd, but I felt a little turned on when I received the messages. I certainly didn’t have the same response I would if I were sexting with, say, my boyfriend, but there was something rather compelling about the game all the same. I tried a shot of my bellybutton, to which I was told, “thats soooo unsexy ;/”. The bot responded, “that pic makes me like 29% turned on rn”.

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