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First, Cy created a “form” for the columns by glueing and screwing together the 2×6 studs with a 3 inch filler piece on the bottom and top.

Next, he attached the “forms” to the porch using screws on the top and PL Adhesive caulk on the top and bottom.

However, they still need to be sealed with a good wood sealer and/or primer and then painted with a high quality outdoor paint. But we haven’t decided whether to paint the brick yet or not. A thesis on The Cultural Significance of the American Front Porch supposes that the front porch was the family's connection to their land, and to nature - in a country where the wilderness was still yet to be tamed: In essence, the porch served as a vital transition between the uncontrollable out-of-doors and the cherished interior of the home...In many ways, the front porch represented the American ideal of family.Today, outdoor family gatherings have moved to the privacy of the home's backyard where lounging, entertaining, and outdoor cooking will take center stage.Through the years, architectural design preferences have transitioned from traditional to contemporary and modern home styles - and often homes have been left with a front entrance that is lackluster in appearance.

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