Intimidating pinball

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The CD was recorded in their own recording studio and features long fusion jams, extended solo's, lots of interplay between band members, and a total lack of regard for anything that might resemble pop radio!Visual Pinball (VP)is a computer software program that simulates playing a real pinball "table".

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These would be some of the more complicated tables of the 80's, 90's and 2000's. There are literally thousands of VP and VPM tables out there for you to download and enjoy.

I discuss that a bit more in the video, and draw out an example of the overall schematic.

But if you take the diagram above, and cut off the battery, you get this: Notice how this looks quite a bit like a pinball schematic?

So, the switches in the above diagram are in SERIES.

BOTH switches have to be closed to complete the electrical circuit, and for the bulb to light. Now, look at the two switches to the right of the light bulb. We only need ONE to complete the electrical circuit to light the bulb.

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