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In addition, there have been multiple instances of poorly written, buggy implementations.

It is better to use a router that does not support WPS at all.

You have to wonder if the design of WPS stems from incompetence or if it was intended for spying. It still doesn't matter, WPS continues to let the one-time visitor into your network.

Arguing on the side on incompetence, is that WPS comes from the Wi Fi Alliance, the same group that gave us WEP encryption. But, a visitor with a cellphone is only part of the security problem with WPS. Only one has an obvious security flaw but routers, as a rule, do not support enabling/disabling the various modes of operation. That said, one mode is geared to setting up and configuring a new Wi Fi network on a new router.

In between local and remote is the kid next door looking for a network to break into.A visitor to your home/office illustrates one aspect of why WPS is a bad idea The visitor only needs to turn your router upside down, take a cellphone picture of the label on the bottom and they can, thereafter, get into your Wi Fi network. This is mode that gave the protocol its name: Wi Fi Protected Setup and it is not the operating mode with the security problem.The WPS password (they use a different term, but its a password) on the router label is the equivalent of a get out of jail card in Monopoly. Three other operating modes allow a new Wi Fi client to logon to an existing Wi Fi network.The WPS protocol in consumer routers is like putting a virtual HACK ME sign on the box.WPS was a bad idea to being with, has a huge design flaw, comes from an unstrustworthy source and is overly complicated.

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