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Your participants will only be able to see their own selections in the poll and no one else’s.This is a great option to use if wish your participants to remain anonymous to each other (scheduling interviews, etc).You can easily create a Doodle poll in minutes and send it off to your participants to let them choose the best time to meet.You can create Doodle polls for more than just meetings and scheduling; you can use them for surveys, questionnaires, or to book appointments.We also keep track of all your Doodle’s in a convenient dashboard.Not only is it easier to send invitations when you’ve registered a free account with Doodle, but certain bits of information that are required when making each free poll are automatically entered for you such as your name and email address.

In turn, students can easily respond to polls or vote, true/false, agree or disagree, using the app on a smartphone or tablet. Great for classroom participation, or gathering opinions from the audience.3.) Navigate in Powerpoint: Presenters can control the flow of Powerpoint presentations using a smartphone as a wireless remote. Aside from the app, they can respond via browser, text message, or Twitter.Professors, teachers or presenters can create and display questions on the fly, including Q&A and multiple choice polls.Doodle polls will stay in your dashboard for 3 months after the date of last activity.If you’re a Doodle Premium user, your polls will stick around indefinitely.

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