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If you like the text based artwork for Authorized Access Only! It's called ascii art, and there are many sites that will do this for you. For those of you that use Bukkit Dev regularly, you know that we recently migrated Curse Forge and all associated sites to AWS.If you log in using the command line, however, you will see the message of the day as defined by the /etc/motd file.Before continuing, remember that you can get back to this display by pressing Ctrl Alt F7.

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I also created an init script with the command in it using This had the effect of closing my ssh connection every time I logged in :/ These were all suggestions from similar posts I found when googling for this, so I think I am missing something, at this point some help would be appreciated.You can add a message to the message of the day by adding content to the /etc/file.By default Ubuntu looks in the /etc/motd file but if you edit this file it will be overwritten later when Ubuntu is updated and you will lose your message.The following scripts are located within the $ ls /etc/update-motd.d/ 00-header 50-landscape-sysinfo 80-esm 90-updates-available 95-hwe-eol 98-fsck-at-reboot 10-help-text 50-motd-news 80-livepatch 91-release-upgrade 97-overlayroot 98-reboot-required message to show general system information, hard disk usage and the weather information. Depending on your needs you can selectively disable one or more scripts by removing the executable permissions.For our example we will disable all scripts and create a new As already shown previously the system administrator can disable one or more parts of the MOTD message output by removing the executable permissions of each relevant MOTD script.

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