Truck driver dating uk

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The second must be at least 9 hours of uninterrupted rest, giving a total minimum rest of 12 hours.

A driver may reduce his daily rest period to no less than 9 continuous hours, but this can be done no more than three times between any two weekly rest periods; no compensation for the reduction is required.

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However, this can be split into 2 breaks, the first being at least 15 minutes, and the second being at least 30 minutes in length. The daily driving time may be extended to at most 10 hours not more than twice during the week. In addition to this, a driver cannot exceed 90 hours driving in a fortnight.

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The way truckers communicate has changed significantly over the years, from the classic CB radios to smartphones.

Whether it is to discuss road conditions, trucking knowledge or just the football, truckers have always sought to communicate with one another.

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