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Robert Frost, another member of the founder's family, about the close of the twelfth century bestowed a messuage on the priory; and Eustachius, a learned and sagacious HUGH BALSHAM 3 prelate who played a foremost part in English politics, added further benefactions, the appropriation of the living of Horningsea (which has remained in the gift of St.

10 QO 106 IQA i W BRIDGE LOM THE RIVER) 274 276 294 CHAPTER I THE ANCIENT HOSPITAL Masters : ' Frater Antonius,' ' magister sive custos ' circ. The patronage which the little community received would seem to shew that, during its earlier history at least, the brethren faithfully discharged their duties.

The chief difficulty, accordingly, with which the writer of the present volume has had to deal, has been the compression, within the prescribed limits, of the chief features in the rise and developement of a Society, whose viii PREFACE annals, stretching back to a time prior to the English Reformation, afford to the investigator of the history of institutions an almost unrivalled study of the ex- periences of a collegiate foundation professedly devoted to ' education, learning and religion.'' When, again, to this general outline there is added the inclusion (as part of the plan of the series) of some notice of the college antiquities, it will be obvious that brevity and concise- ness must everywhere have been a primary consideration, while omissions could scarcely fail to be numerous, and sometimes important. The ensuing twelve years saw its estates mortgaged, or let on long leases ; its discipline became notoriously lax and grave scandals arose ; the furniture and even the sacred vessels were sold ; and in 1502 Tomlyn was presented at the Leet of the town for having the pavement in front of the Hospital ' broken and ruinous.

For continuous help and valuable suggestions through- out, I am under especial obligations to professor Mayor, Dr. 1 Eight years later, a bull of Julius II (20 January, 1510) ordained the dissolution of the house.

Peter's Church in Cambridge, now known as Little St. His successors in the see of Ely continued to watch over the Hospital, and the election of Hugh Balsham in 1257 marks an important crisis in its history.

John's College down to the present day), and also that of St.

307 (B) COLLEGE PLATE 310 (C) THE LIBRARY 310 (D) PORTRAITS 313 (E) THE BOAT CLUBS 315 (F) THE CRICKET CLUB . The regulars, it may be conjectured, were absorbed in their religious services and in the performance of the special duties of their house ; while the scholars were doubtless eager to be instructed in Latin authors, in the new theology, in the civil and the canon law, and most of all in those recently introduced writings of Aristotle which were, just at this time, exciting so much curiosity and enthusiasm in the university of Paris.

Most important of all, however, is the process by which the brethren succeeded in ultimately acquiring for their foundation all the privileges of the academic body.

My obligations to other members of the university, both resident and non-resident, for items of information and original matter, are too many to admit of enumera- tion in a preface where brevity is not less imperative than in the pages which follow ; but it would be an inexcusable omission were I to leave unmentioned the aid I have throughout received from the accurate knowledge of the multifarious contents of our College Library possessed by my assistant, Mr. ' Grievous complaints ' preferred before the latter shewed how ' the master and company of St.

I cannot, indeed, forego the opportunity of here pointing out what a genuine help the incorporation of such material, in all College or School Magazines, may after- wards prove to those engaged in investigating any point connected with the past history of such institutions. Lockhart, to whom I am also mainly indebted for the Index. FROM THE DEATH OF QUEEN MARY TO THAT OF WHITAKER (1558-1595) . 1 But their final success was achieved under the mastership of John Dunham, at the time when Thomas Rotheram, bishop of Lincoln (1471- 80) was also chancellor of the university.

Moore Smith's Lists of Past Occupants of Rooms (published by the editors of The Eagle in 1895) have also been of much service. THE REFORMATION AND THE CATHOLIC REACTION (1535-1558) 29 IV. ; and while in 1340 they succeeded in gaining exemption from ' procurations ' (payments made to the bishop), we find the master obtaining in 1347 a licence ' to hear confessions of parishioners of Hornyngsey from Lent to Easter.

JOHN'S COLLEGE: TO THE DEATH OF BISHOP FISHER 9 III. In 1336, they obtained for the Hospital a licence to acquire in mortmain lands of the value of 100s.

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