Top 10 timeless dating rules for women

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Breaking out in anaphylactic shock is not worth it for the sake of a bit more alkaline!

Avocado Avocado is a great choice of alkaline food if you’re looking to get healthier.

Cucumber Cucumber was pretty much the only green I’d eat as a child.

My mom always said, “Well, at least she’s eating something healthy.” Cucumber is a popular choice with those of us who aren’t too keen on eating whole vegetables.

But not only is it amazingly alkaline, it’s also delicious and comes with a crunch. Bell peppers are rich in a rather astonishing amount of antioxidants that include carotenoids, flavonoids and cinnamic acid.

You will also find carotenoids in carrots, but the bell pepper is your best source for them because it contains a whopping THIRTY different types!

We eat it largely because we know it’s good for us – and, boy, is it good for us!

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Let’s take a look at the 10 most alkaline foods you should include as part of your health lifestyle.

It’s rich in alkaline, and can boost your energy, improve your digestion, prevent cancer, and flush toxins out of your system.

As well as the minerals and vitamins it contains, it also has anti-inflammatory agents.

Asparagus If there is one (minor) downside to chomping on asparagus, it’s that it makes your urine smell funny.

But this is just a mere complaint sided against all the many wonderful benefits it brings.

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