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Dancing ballet was her passion by the time Brienne was 12 she was dancing over 40 hours a week, she landed her first role as Rosie in Maurice Sendack’s Really Rosie when she was around 11, and as Clara” in the Indianapolis Ballet Theatre’s production of The Nutcracker the year after that.At age 13, Brienne joined the cast of A Yuletide Celebration with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, soon she jetted off to New York where she studied with famed acting coaches and choreographers.Then came Hawaii, thanks to choreographer Stepp Stewart who offered her a spot at the Hula Bowl, that year she was named the Junior Dancer of the Year.After high school, she was an apprentice for two years with the apprentice for the modern dance company Dance Kaleidoscope, and then two years studying ballet at Butler University.

Meet Brienne Pedigo, she is the pretty reporter for ESPN and ABC who you’ll see at every NASCAR race, and she is also the loving wife of actor Tyler Christopher, who joined him on the third season of Celebrity Wife Swap.

As she was born in America, her nationality is obviously American. She was born in the year 1976 on 26th of March and this makes her age 39 at this time.

She went to a university called Emory University for her education and from there she achieved her degree.

Richard Pierlon a judge of the Freiburg International Jazz Dance Competition, in Freiburg, Germany noticed Brienne and asked her to assembly a dancing team to represent the US internationally, and she did.

Pedigo and her team won two years in a row out of the three years they competed.

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