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Have you ever thought about giving up completely, getting a dog and a sex toy wondering if that could be enough?

Then you are ready for the ABC of Learn Dating – Activating Brilliant Connections.

If you know you want chocolate you get chocolate and you’re satisfied, if you know you want something sweet and creamy you might end up with porridge oats.

When you want chocolate, porridge isn’t going to do it, no matter how good the porridge is.

The competitors list can be found next tothe search input field above.

Learn techniques to break free from limiting beliefs If you have any limiting beliefs I’ll show you some ways to clear them out and get you back to perfect working order.

Bonus: Unleash Your Inner Goddess Meditation Download I’ve written and recorded a 20 minute meditation to help you feel awesome, powerful and confident every day, whether you are actively looking for a relationship or not.

Everyone in my family loves a cup of tea but there are hundreds of different blends of tea.

Even though we all like the same blend we all like it differently – sugar, sweetener or none, different milks, strengths and temperatures.

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