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However, it was determined that this language would imperil the success of securing independence over all.

Basically, dealing with the injustice of slavery, took a back seat to the priorities of the white landed men who were more concerned about separation from British rule and protecting their own interests. In the fight for rights in America, we are at a crucial point.

The “stone soup” analogy fits here: independently, we will starve; blending our ingredients together, we will all be nourished.

Praised by most progressives, there is also backlash from predominantly white groups who feel this is too narrow a focus for a US president and also some from women’s activist groups who feel there is already too much focus on outcomes for men.

Yes, the violence is conservative white politicians changing the landscape of voting rights, and the violence is in “Gay Jim Crow” laws in Kansas. There is plenty of room at the counter and plenty of soup for all of us.

But the violence is also in white LGBTQ silence on issues of race and African American silence on Immigration rights and Asian American silence on issues of financial disparity and minimum wage increase.

Adopting an attitude of “I’ve got mine” is cultural violence that ultimately will not sustain progress. The only way we can actually know one another is by sharing real relationships with each other without value judgements and comparisons.

Shockingly, the “I’ve got mine” violence usually takes the form of silence. My gayness does not diminish your straightness; her Judaism doesn’t diminish your Islam; and indeed, black male achievement does not mean white male failure.

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