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KW: No, he had nothing to do with the making of The Reader! And it was really midway through shooting the film someone mentioned this to me and I really went, Oh, yeah! The thing is for me this was never a Holocaust movie to me.

It isnt, its part of the story and provides something of the backdrop, sets the scene.

And Id be like, No, no, but, just really quickly So, tomorrow, when we shoot the Paris scene, I just have to say And he would go, Babe, babe, we will rehearse it tomorrow in the morning. I know, I know, but let me just say them now, because Ill lose my thing if I I have to just say this.

And he realised that he had to let me do that, because it ended up being a part of the process for me and was beneficial to all of us to have that level of openness and communication and trust was really a special and unique thing.

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And the amazing thing for me was when I would sit down, the breasts would move; there was a belly, there were thigh pieces, there was back fat, there was a small hump here where the top of the spine starts to go, and everybody contributed to these ideas.And then knew that I wanted to play the part absolutely 100%, but logistically, I couldnt do it, logistics got in the way.The shoot was going to coincide with some of the shooting of Revolutionary Road and we just couldnt figure it out.I think hes considerably more sophisticated and mature than I was at that age. TDR: About your other release, Revolutionary Road what was it like to have worked with your husband, director Sam Mendes for the first time?Was it odd for him to direct you and Leonardo Di Caprio in love scenes?

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