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I can talk about almost anything, quote Shakespeare, fail spectacularly at Mario Kart, and bake fantastic peanut butter cookies. I am a helping professional and teach at the graduate level. Location: Washington, DC Incall: Yes Outcall: Yes Treasure: Hello there!! I work with all different type of people with different personalities. I like writing, watching movies from time to time and I love music. I am very laid back and chilled, but when I do step out. I have 3 grown beautiful kids who are my treasures, lím so proud and l own two cuties shitzus , igor and joy , my life is fuller of art, music, and joy if l can give u some how relievers thougths and smiles l will feel my time itís worth it. Iím an entrepreneur, I Have My Own Mobile Massage Business. I enjoy reading, taking pictures and going for walks in the area. Location: Fort Washington, MD Incall: Yes Outcall: Yes Edna: I’m a Southern girl that enjoys music and art. I know how it feel to feel alone and just want someone to just talk to and cuddle.

Location: BALTIMORE, MD Incall: Yes Outcall: Yes Jafor: Iím an esthetician also make up artist. I like to workout, dance, have a night out in town such as happy hour at a lounge or a club occasionally, dining out, bowling, bingo, movies and even karaoke. I enjoy cooking and watching Netflix and Hulu and just relaxing and having a quiet evening. Location: Silver Spring, MD Incall: No Outcall: Yes La Keisha: Petite (5ft), bisexual, African American girl who is a DMV native. IM very easy going down to earth and always smiling. Location: Baltimore, MD Incall: No Outcall: Yes Nikki: Im a compassionate person who love to help people feel better about lifes situations.

Location: Baltimore, MD Incall: Yes Outcall: Yes Amber: I like to do pretty much anything that is safe, legal and fun but to be more specific…I enjoy concerts, sporting events, playing sports such as tennis, and basketball. I enjoy the outdoors as well such as camping, fishing, and hiking.

I love hiking, camping, rock climbing, and spend most of my time doing art.

Location: Brooklyn, New York City, NY Available For: Incall, Outcall Ro: My perfect day is a rainy one: complete with hot tea, a weighted blanket, and a bingeworthy TV show queued up.

Dancing, hiking, and cooking are my top 3 favorite things to do.

I am a creative person and often labled a social butterfly. Location: New York, NY Incall: Yes Outcall: No Matilda: I am a painter and herbalist.

I’m caring, an advocate for inclusivity, an animal lover and love this city in the Fall!

Location: Astoria, NY Incall: No Outcall: No Skyler Rose: Hello!

Location: Perry hall, MD Incall: Yes Outcall: Yes Michelle: Hello,. Iím Very Fun To Be Around, I Know The Difference Of When I Need To Be Fiesty And When To Be Prim And Proper. Im A Fair Woman And I Have A lot Of Great Attributes. I love all forms of art and one day dream to be an art master.

Location: Gwynn Oak, MD Incall: Yes Outcall: Yes Shawntia: Hello there!! Location: Oxon hills, MD Incall: Yes Outcall: No Natasha: I love to have fun and enjoy everyday. I love to read and watch movies, specially superhero movies.

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