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This might include telling them how they should speak, who they’re allowed to spend time with or how they should dress.

An abusive partner might use a victim’s religious beliefs to guilt them into feeling like they deserve to have these decisions made for them, or that they are not being a good follower of their faith if they don’t agree to their partner’s decisions.

She has been picked for me before the foundation of the world. ” The struggles of trying to “date Christian” have started to chip away at my resolve.

Right after breaking up with James, I wrote in the “Things I’m Looking For” section of my OKCupid profile: “I’m interested in finding someone who is actively pursuing God and lives out their Christianity in practical, meaningful ways.” Now, the statement has been watered down to: “I’m interested in dating a Christian dude.” I don’t know yet if my commitment to finding someone who shares my faith is setting me up for loneliness in the long run, but I do know this: Love requires us to lay out our insecurities as offerings, unsure whether they’ll be accepted or rejected.

But I had a role in our problems, too, namely my selfish desire for him to convert.

I believe one of the core principles of Christianity is free will, and here I was trying to pressure him into it for my sake.

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Being raised in a religious home can have some powerful effects on your life and relationships.During these occasions, I would attempt to share my feelings and be met with silence.Years passed, and eventually, we decided to work on the issue in couples therapy.We hang out a few times, and eventually get around to talking about how we see the world.He finds out I’m an earnest, practicing Christian; I find out he is not.

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