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Special thanks to Anubis[5JZ4HD8D] for sharing tons of date spot data and Rez[H36U4K7P] for date spot images and scenarios!

Consumers are often searching for people who share their views and values; advertisers should not take advantage of this by implying that websites are only open to specific groups or those with certain interests if they are not.

Overtly sexual imagery and language should not be used in mediums likely to be seen by children.

Untargeted ads that featured images such as a woman's legs with thong knickers pulled down to around her knees and a woman in a provocative pose that focused on her cleavage have been found irresponsible and likely to cause serious or widespread offence.

However, the ASA often sees complaints about these claims when some functionality is saved for those who are paying subscribers.

In these cases, the ads should make clear which features are “free” and also that some aspects are not, and avoid saying the site is “completely free to use” (or similar).

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