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Although the bison last appeared on a circulating coin with the 1938-D nickel, several commemoratives since that time have featured renditions of the beast on one side.

Now, the "American Bison" nickel combines new renditions of the familiar imagery of the two most recent types of nickels to commemorate the importance of the bison to the many Native American cultures encountered by Lewis and Clark during their journeys.

Of course, much like the Extra Leaf Up and Extra Leaf Down Wisconsin Quarters, we are still very early in the life of the coin, so only time will tell whether the coin will remain rare and whether future collectors consider this coin a significant variety or merely a curiosity. In commemoration of the bicentennial of this event, the inscription "Lewis and Clark 1805" also appears on this reverse.

This would produce an impression in the die which would create a raised element on the coins produced." Unexplained, though, is the location of the die modification and the fact that both varieties resemble extra leaves on a corn stalk.

According to Snow, "it may be an extraordinary coincidence or the result of some Mint employee's private artwork." Whether these new Wisconsin Quarter varieties have arisen as a result of a hubbing error as Mr.

The mainstream press has begun to pick up on a story that has been known within numismatic circles for some time.

In an unusual development for modern coinage and an unheard of development within the Statehood Quarter series, three distinctive die varieties have been reported for the 2004-D Wisconsin Quarter.

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