Who is boa kwon dating

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The entertainment industry in South Korea has always been known to have strict dating prohibitions for its artist.

Still, that doesn’t stop Bo A and Joo Won from falling for each other.

– She was a judge on Kpop Star for SM Entertainment. – Bo A loves coffee beans, but she said no one can beat Mac Donald’s iced coffee Hazzalnut. – Bo A was discovered by SM randomly at the age of 11, when her brother failed audition.

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They both enjoy hiking and golf, and felt attraction towards one another because of their healthy lifestyles.

The 30-year-old singer and actress landed her interest on the 29-year-old actor after meeting each other through a mutual friend. ” Years of working in a highly competitive industry made Bo A an independent woman.

She wanted a responsible man to be her partner, someone who would understand the circumstances in her field of work.

An intelligent individual would definitely be a plus for her. Even though Bo A had complained about her height (she is 1.6 m) in the past, she isn’t trying to find someone who is taller.

In fact, she prefers someone with just the perfect height to match hers.

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