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You can get my Circling book by entering any donation amount in the “Name a Fair Price” box below (including zero).You can also get my Circling book in Print, Kindle, or Audiobook format. (you don’t need to have purchased the book to leave a review). Circling is a group conversation practice that usually lasts an hour to an hour and a half, and involves 3 to 9 people.In front of the door was a sign that said kuuseki .We had coordinated with the staff beforehand, and they suggested we arrive a little early to make sure there were open seats.

Circling happens either in person in many places around the world, or via online web-conferencing technology (see the Resources section). There are also weekend workshops and advanced training programs, which often run 6 to 9 months. Presented at a live workshop of Authentic Singles Dating.To make things smoother, and to talk with more people, we set a few conditions before meeting anyone.After both our teams sat together for a bit, we split up so we could begin.They were: Elodie came to Japan a few months earlier and was attending a language school in Tokyo.Sonia had been in Japan for the past year on a working holiday.

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