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Data Member = "Table1" 'Bind the data set & table to the first Grid View, so that data is displayed in the Grid View dg Ship Data1.

Here is the code I have in my Page_Load event handler (sorry for all the comment code... Text & "'" & _ "ORDER BY rcta.trx_number", cn) 'Define second Data Adapter sda Ship Data2 = New Ole Db Data Adapter("SELECT aspd.invoice_number, aspd.order_type_code, aspd.ship_date, " & _ "aspd.deliver_date, aspd.process_date, aspd.qa_buyoff_date, aspd.lot_no, aspd.notes, aspd.built_in_freight, aspd.actual_freight " & _ "FROM aar_ship_perform_data aspd, ra_customer_trx_all rcta " & _ "WHERE rcta.trx_number = aspd.invoice_number( ) " & _ "AND rcta.interface_header_attribute1 = '" & txt Order Number.I have a Grid View set up, with an option to Edit a row of data.I've typed up VB code to assign the values in each cell of the row to a named Text Box.Fill(ds Ship Update, "Table1") 'Set second Grid View to be visible Ship Data2.Visible = True 'Define the Data Source for the second Grid View ("Ds Ship Update" data set) dg Ship Data2.

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