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• i TITLE; OFFICIAL GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE. REEL NO; VOLUME; DATE: 1128 1129 1130 Issues: 1-5 1-4 c JULY 2 - SEPTEMBER 24. 1 7, 1 989 and were announced in the Official Gazette at 1 100 O. Chemical Discipline - May I, 1990 Mechanical Discipline - July 5, 1990 Electrical Discipline - August 9, 1990 The Date of Examiner's Answer of Oldest Ex Parte Appeals Awaiting the Setting of Hearing Date as of May 31, 1991. 1991 PUBLICATION NO: 10427.00 NOTES; THIS PERIODICAL MAY BE COPYRIGHTED, IN WHICH CASE THE CONTENTS REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE COPYRIGHT OWNER. International PCT fees were changed on March 1 , 1991 due to a difference in the exchange rate of the U. dollar in relation to the Swiss Franc and were announced in the Official Gazette at 1122 O. Chemical - No cases awaiting to be set for hearing. If the maintenance See is not paid in a patent requiring such payment the patent will expire on the 4th, 8th or 1 2lh anniversary of the grant. INDUSTIUAL EQUIPMENT, MATERIALS & MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - INT CLASSES 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 SERVICES-INT. PHARMACEUTICALS & MEDICAL APPARATUS - INT CLASSES 2, 5, 10 SERVICES-INT. 42 01-10-91 LAW OFFICE 14-RON WILLIAMS, MANAGING ATTORNEY. of Columbia Washington: Howard University Libraries (202) 806-7252 Florida Fort Lauderdale: Broward County Main Library (305) 357-7444 Miami-Dade Public Library (305) 375-2665 Orlando: University of Central Florida Libraries (407) 823-2562 Tampa: Tampa Campus Library, University of South Florida (813) 974-2726 Georeia Atlanta: Price Gilbert Memorial Library, Georgia Institute of Technology (404)894-4508 Hawaii Honolulu: Hawaii State Public Library System (808) 586-3477 Idaho Moscow: University of Idaho Library (208) 885-6235 Illinois Chicago Public Library (312) 269-2865 Springfield: Illinois State Library (217) 782-5659 Indiana Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library ....„ (317) 269-1741 Iowa Des Moines: State Library of Iowa (515) 281-4118 Kansas Wichita: Ablah Library, Wichita State University (3 1 6) 689-3 1 55 Kentucky Louisville Free Public Library • (502) 561-8617 Louisiana Baton Rouge: Troy H. Director 308-0651 HIGH POLYMER CHEMISTRY, PLASTICS. Submission of diskette for biotechnical application. Stale Name of Libraiy Telephone Contact Alabama Auburn University Libraries (205) 844-1747 Birmingham Public Library (205) 226-3680 Alaska Anchorage: Z. Loussac Public Library (907) 261-2916 Arizona Tempe: Noble Library, Arizona State University (602) 965-7607 Arkansas Little Rock: Arkansas State Library (501) 682-2053 California Los Angeles Public Library (2 1 3) 6 1 2-3273 Sacramento: California State Library (916) 322-4572 San Diego Public Library (619) 236-5813 Sunnyvale Patent Clearinghouse (408) 730-7290 Colorado Denver Public Library (303) 640-8847 Connecticut New Haven: Science Park Library (203) 786-5447 Delaware Newark: University of Delaware Library (302) 451-2965 Dist. THE Om Cl AL GAZETTE (TRADEMARK SECTION), issued weekly. $ 1 0.00 each; copies of TRADEMARKS at $ 1 .50 each.

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THIS REPRODUCTION IS MADE FROM THE BEST COPY AVAILABLE. 1128 Number 1 \ OFHGIAL GAZETTE oftiw UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK Om CE Route to:. Attention is drawn to the patents which were issued on June 26, 1984 for which maintenance fees due at 7 years and six months may now be paid. in force beyond 8 years; the fee is due by seven years and six months after the original grant S495.00" "(h) For maintaining an original or reissue patent except a design or plant patent, based on an application filed on or after Aug. L.) 2(d) Refusal Af Tirmed "PACOCHICANO" (stylized lettering) (T-shirts, knit shirts, sweatshirts) "CHICANO" |men"s trousers) No 5-29 EX 73/690.080 Saramar Corp. Law Office Oldest Date New* Aitiend- ment Filed LAW OFFICE 3-(VACANT). 265 Michigan Ann Arbor: Engineering Transportation Library, University of Michigan.. ) 737-3280 North Dakota Grand Forks: Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota (701 ) 777-4888 Ohio Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Public Library of .^. PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFRCE II28TMOG 15 Reference Collections of U. Patents Available for Public Use in Patent Depository Libraries — (continued) State Name of LAbraiy Telephone Contact Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington Wisconsin Providence Public Library (401) 455-80^7 Charleston: Medical University of South Carolina Library (803) 792-2372 Memphis & Shelby County Public Library and Information Center (901)725-8876 Nashville: Stevenson Science Library. (615) yil-Tll S Austin: Mc Kinney Engineering Library, University of Texas at Austin (512)471-1610 College Station: Sterling C. Director 308-0661 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY GROUP 120— JOHN F. Middlelon Library, Louisiana State University •• (504)388-2570 Maryland College Park: Engineering and Physical Sciences Library, University of Maryland (301) 405-9157 Massachusetts Amherst: Physical Sciences Library, University of Massachusetts (413)545-1370 Boston Public Library (617) 536-5400 Ext. Director .308-1235 SPECIALIZED CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. 39,40,41, 42 11-16-90 LAW OFFICE 1 1 -THOMAS HOWELL, MANAGING ATTORNEY, (703) 308-91 1 1 PAINTS. MANAGING ATTORNEY, (703) 308-91 12 COSMETICS, CLEANING PREPARATIONS, PAPER PRODUCTS & TOYS -INT.

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