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Let's remind Democrats of what President Obama said in 2009: elections have consequences.

The good news is that the death of the red state doesn't mean we can't keep the map predominantly red.

As recently as 1995 To use some Texas slang, y'all know that the Democrats' endgame (which, unfortunately, would have been fulfilled had Clinton won last year) is Texas, right?

Texas going blue guarantees Democrat presidents and Supreme Courts forever.

Alabama was the reddest of red states, and a Democrat got elected.

Even though the Democrats have lost over 1,000 state and federal seats since 2008, they never rest and always come out to vote.

President Trump's America First politics are raw, bloody red-meat motivation for Democrats.

Humans make decisions based on fear and greed; the president and his supporters are the ultimate fear-motivator.

Exacerbating the situation is the constant opposition to the president from a handful of fellow Republicans in the Senate, where the GOP majority is razor-thin.

(I call these resistance RINOs Et Tu, Brute Republicans.)There are no more reliably red states.

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