Carbon dating diamonds

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Sorry if this strays from the topic and breaks rules. (pun very much intended)Here's a video of some dude explaining the C14 in diamonds.In the write up for the video he cites some studies. The small apparent non-zero values are less than measurement error.

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C14 is created from nitrogen in the atmosphere when it gets hit by cosmic rays, so there's a relatively constant amount in the air at all times.While living, a plant incorporates carbon from the atmosphere into its body, so it will have the same ratio of C14/C12 as the atmosphere. Then when they die, the C14 starts decaying and is not replenished, and that's what you measure to get the age of when they died.The Ai G article says they dated diamonds to around 55,000 years, which just happens to be about 5000 years short of the oldest date for which C14 dating can be used for living things.Petroleum, having been dead for hundreds of millions of years, has essentially no C14.Young-earth creationism is not just a denial of evolution, it's a denial of basic principles of physics and engineering that are used on a daily basis all over the world with great success.

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