Validating culturally diverse students

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Banks' fourth and fifth dimensions are the perfect example of culturally relevant teaching.Teachers who achieve these dimensions, and thus fully realize the impact of culturally relevant teaching, cherish learners who question, seek answers through inquiry, and embrace a mindset of social justice.Gloria Ladson-Billings has several research projects and articles where she interviewed diverse schools. After identifying several exceptional teachers in public schools in low-socioeconomic, mostly African American school districts, Ladson-Billings spent time observing and trying to explain their success with students who are typically pushed to the margins by public education.

By using texts that have characters of all different backgrounds, students can easily learn about new cultures (Ladson-Billings, 1992).If successful, the fourth dimension and culturally relevant teaching will manifest into Banks' fifth dimension of an empowered school culture.It is in this stage when teachers and learners critically examine the institution of education for inequities.In constructivism, learners are taught to question, challenge, and critically analyze information rather than blindly accept what it taught; which leads to exactly the type of teaching advocated by the originators of culturally relevant teaching.James Banks lays out 5 dimensions of multicultural education.

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