List of changesets and updating

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The end result is that rbt post will build a diff and post it to a Review Board server.The diff and any additional review request information will be saved on the server as a draft, which can then be published.Then be able to iterate through this list and get some metadata for the items (file and folder names ideally) I think I need to use the Query XXX methods on the Version Control Server class, but cannot find any helpful or clear examples on how to use this.

In most cases this should be detected automatically, but some directory structures containing multiple repositories require this option to select the proper type.This saves a lot of time over the web UI, and for some types of code repositories (such as Perforce), it’s actually required in order to produce a compatible diff.Usage: Depending on the repository type, rbt post will either require a changeset number, or it will rely on the changes in the current source tree.The type of a database which that change Set is to be used for.When the migration step is running, it checks the database type against this attribute. If set to false and an error occurs part way through running a change Set containing multiple statements, the Liquibase databasechangelog table will be left in an invalid state.

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