Double standards in dating

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One specific standard I’d like to mention is the expectation of initiation of contact, relationships, and conversation. Maggie and I have a fling for a week or two, and then I get busy and distracted with other things.I find a new job, I move out of town, or life just gets in the way. She is visibly pissed off with me, and is acting cold to try and get revenge.Double standard policies can include situations when the assessment of the same phenomenon, process or event in the international relations depends on character of the relations of the estimating parties with assessment objects.

One frequently discussed issue concerns the claim that a double standard exists in society's judgment of women's and men's sexual conduct.

A double standard can therefore be described as a biased or morally unfair application of that maxim.

Where judges and leaders are expected to be impartial (such as in a court of law), they are expected to apply the same standards to all people regardless of their own subjective biases or favoritism based on social class, rank, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or other distinctions.

I’ve been told this is because she feels rejected, because I did not stay in regular contact with her over the six months we were apart, and she assumes that if I really cared about her then I would do so.

Am I expected to be like Noah from the Notebook, and write her letters every day, even though I would never want a long-distance relationship?

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