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According to Les Daniels's reference book Batman: The Complete History, Keaton was not surprised when he was first considered as Batman as he initially believed the film would be similar to the 1960s television series starring Adam West.It was only after he was introduced to Frank Miller's comic book miniseries, The Dark Knight Returns, that Keaton really understood the dark and brooding side of Batman that he portrayed to much fan approval. However, his casting in the iconic role wasn’t well received and the studio received thousands of angry letters.However, he managed to prove them all wrong with his brilliant portrayal of the caped crusader.Michael Keaton went to Montour High School in Robinson Township, Pennsylvania.After graduating from high school, he got enrolled at Kent State University.Keaton was awarded a Career Achievement Award from the Hollywood Film Festival.(In 2004, after Fred Rogers' death, Keaton hosted a PBS memorial tribute, Fred Rogers: America's Favorite Neighbor.) Keaton also worked as an actor in Pittsburgh theatre; he played the role of Rick in the Pittsburgh premiere of David Rabe's Sticks and Bones with the Pittsburgh Poor Players.

He popped up in various popular TV shows including Maude and The Mary Tyler Moore Hour.

offered him million, but Keaton steadfastly refused and was replaced by Val Kilmer in Batman Forever (1995).

Keaton remained active during the 1990s, appearing in a wide range of films, including Pacific Heights, One Good Cop, My Life and the star-studded Shakespearean story Much Ado About Nothing.

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And we just want to say, you’re welcome” - Gil & George @nickkroll & I thank @perlapell & @Michael Keaton for their brilliance & tolerance for how bad our costumes smell.

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