Chateau adult theatre

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In summer, numerous visits and activities are offered helping you to discover this remarkable site in a fun way: guided or unguided visits of the Château and the mediaeval village, mediaeval events, mediaeval street theatre, free games for children for children who are dubbed "apprentice knights" ...

Not to be missed: the great sound and light show "le légende de Jean le Fol" (the legend of mad Jean) in the château's courtyard of honour on the 4,5 and 7,8,9,10,11 of August 2011!

In the kitchen, the ancient stoves are ready to simmer the traditional home-made jams, made with pears, rhubarb and plums from the kitchen garden.

But the show doesn’t stop at the smell, you can also taste the jams on a crepe and, why not, bring back home some jars!

Those renovations, now under way, are expected to be complete in June.

All three groups are asking for additional city funding to get the building up and running. As we reported in April, the EDG proposal calls for using the Chateau to host traveling exhibitions of art, science, history and popular culture. Paul-based organization believes it could activate the space year-round — and has set a goal of drawing at least 120,000 visitors annually.

Go back in time and discover life at Le Lude during the time of Renaissance.

In the bedecked street acrobats and minstrels make the show: theatre, magic, falconry, jungle, dance and music, arts and crafts In the castle, the visitors meet people come back from this time.

Select the AMC Stubs Member Wi-Fi network to sign in or join AMC Stubs. On Sunday morning at 10.30 the great parade starts at the château, with Renaissance costumes. House and gardens with disabled access (except for the granary and the old kitchen: access only by stairs) . Discover the Middle Age ramparts, towers and chapel, the Renaissance façade, exceptional viewpoint over the Aveyron valley and the mediaeval village and viewpoint indicator.An ideal place to stay and discover the richness of the Aveyron.Built on a mound that culminates at over 2600 feet, the château watches over the mediaeval village and offers a remarkable view over the Aveyron valley.

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