Eve online stuck updating character

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To whit:1) I can log into the game fine;2) At the character select screen, the character portraits of both characters show the generic "no picture" picture (as seen in my avatar to the left). I get the pop-up saying I have the option of doing Char Gen. At the half-way point it slows to a crawl (something choking?

), then slowly over 5 minutes goes to full;5) things sit there for another 5 minutes.

Then, I set it all to my liking again, and it worked fine.

No choppiness, no frame rate issues, no lag, no jaggies.

Then an audible click and screen flicker as my video resets and I get the message "Graphics Driver stopped responding.

Re-set to safe mode."At this point one of three things happens:a) The screen goes black with a blinking underline in the upper left, as in the old "DOS Prompt" days.

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I have a similar problem, but with spectacularly worse results.

What happens:- Character Creator loads- I get to choose the faction/race/bloodline, click next- Character Creator loads, loads...

and window closes, re-opens, goes back to login menu. I hope not :)No biggie though, I have a much better system at home and will be able to use the character creator fine there.

I can reboot normally, and on rebooting things return to normal.

Or...c) screen goes completely black and nothing responds till I kill power and reboot. In all cases, my system on re-boot states that it is recovering from a serious error, insists on the disk check, etc.

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