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Business concerns aside, I’d be very concerned about a hospital that would grant admitting privileges to doctors like Burzynski and Marquis, neither of whom could even be credentialed for managed care plans because they are not board-certified or board-eligible.

From my reading, I gather that UGH started out as a bariatric surgery center and only more recently has evolved into a multispecialty general acute care hospital.

It’s also obvious that it’s trying to appeal to the high end, at least as far as facilities go, in that it’s advertising all sorts of luxury accommodations, seemingly far more than its medical services.

When a hospital system can’t even be bothered to put pictures and brief bios of your physicians, to me that’s an indication that it just doesn’t really care about its doctors and that medical care is not necessarily at the top of its list of concerns.

Now I can, as Fabio has written a tribute to his sister and posted it on the website of his fan club entitled In tribute to my sister, Christina Lanzoni.

Be that as it may, unfortunately Fabio’s sister spent a lot of time at UGH in her last days.

I say “unfortunately,” because it sucks for her that Fabio’s sister would spend so many weeks in the hospital at the end of her life so far from home instead of spending that time back at home in Italy with her family.

He then transferred to the University of the South, and graduated with a B. When one of the characters I play walks on screen, the audience doesn't immediately say, "This is the good guy." I enjoy characters like that. I don't like playing heroes who are good through and through, because nobody is.

It's more fun to play people who have had bad in their life. Akira Kurosawa always said he liked his villains more than his heroes.

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