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If you think his images are real but he is reluctant to talk to you beyond the dating app or site, chances are he’s not the real deal. Do yourselves a favour and reverse Google search the image, stat — see if the photo belongs to some European male model called Vlad who is happily married.Don’t get me wrong, male (and female) models do use dating sites.But they also counteract their professional shots with social media accounts to prove they are who they say they are.Any whiff of a fake account — block and delete immediately.He offers exactly what the label states, take or leave it.Unless you’re also after some casual fun and you categorically do not expect to meet this guy again, then sure, go for it. The boho traveller nomad man Accompanying a bio that depicts some intellectual quote from a long-gone philosopher, the boho guy will upload snaps of himself in some idyllic setting, or at one with nature.He comes off as genuine, and you have no need to question him. Power through with conversation and initial dates, but look out for warning signs and if your gut instinct tells you something isn’t right, listen to it.

He’ll make you feel special but not in a creepy stalker way and he’ll seemingly have his life together. Whatever it is, there is something way off about this man and he’ll never be a good life partner option.Routine is the very thing he rebels against, so turning up on time or seeing you often will not be high on his list.Move forward with him only if you’re ready to accept that.Careless dating is real and it happens all the time.To treat others in any form of a disposable manner isn’t the best way to find love.

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