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Motherhood is not a contest, and you do not want to play at seeing if you can be “more loved” than the child’s actual mother.You know how touching it is to watch a man play with his dog? The funny little voice he uses when interacting with the pup, and the openly loving way he hugs that furry creature?Even if she wouldn't have given you the time of day before she had a kid, you've got a hell of a shot now. If you just want to hit and quit it, that's one thing (cause who says chicks with kids don't want some cawk), but if she wants you to meet her kid etc, you've got some soul searching to do.

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far more than the normal chick who feels she's been burned in the past. it was strange at first, but at the age we're at, it's not so uncommon...Dating a dad may not have been your ideal choice when you set out to create a new relationship.But now you are in it, and you will see that extending your circle of love to include his little one will have the lovely effect of making you a more loving, giving, and generous person.Obviously i've never dated a girl with kids, so I outa my depth here and would appreciate some advice. =) Be honest with her, tell her you're unsure of it, but would like to get to know her a bit...she won't push the kid on you for a while if she's a halfway confident self assure person and a good mother.

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