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I remember I was 16, when I went to go see this loft show and they were headlining, and it was the last show there at a venue called Feel Trip. It got me really immersed into the whole DIY scene, and that’s why I’m excited to live here too cause of DIY galleries— making your own scene is such an important concept. Cause that’s like what Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg and all them did you know, they just kind of made it happen.And I think Allen Ginsberg in particular, I was reading a biography of him when I was first visiting Chicago for Pitchfork a couple years ago, and he just hustled so much to get his friends published.LEARN MORE This information will be used to contact you through various means, which may include: phone, text messaging, and email, about the programs and services that are offered. usic has always been the centerpiece of Houseshow, but it is through the music scene that I’ve come to know the college kids and others who make up the crowds at these local DIY and small venue shows.

Michael is the first visual artist I’ve featured in Houseshow, although he does also make music, on his own and formerly as a member of a now-defunct band called Zoo Brother.

At Flashpoint Chicago, we're dedicated to equipping creative students with the tools, skills, and experiences to meet the demand for talented storytellers and artists in the exploding digital economy.

Our programs are designed to take your creative intuition, mix it with technological know-how, and turn you into the kind of crazy-good creative you want to be.

They’re the ones creating an artistic community through their art, photography exhibits, performances — and through zine-making, Polaroid-taking, and showing up to support their friends’ endeavors.

This is why I’m starting a new series here, “Notes from the Chicago Scene” where I talk to the members of the community who are doing their own unique projects beyond music.

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