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After Tuesday's (July 2) E4 first look episode confirmed Breda's guilt in the death of Goldie's father Vinnie, your head may be spinning trying to keep track of all her crimes.Don't worry though, here's our handy guide to Breda's kill list so far. Flashbacks to Christmas 1986 saw Breda working as a childminder for an abusive man called Wes.

Sylver eventually forgot all about his early life and was stunned when Breda came clean last year about how she isn't his biological mum (leaving out all of the incriminating murder-y bits, of course).Carl Costello found himself on Breda's hit list when she decided that Mercedes' son Bobby was better off living with the Mc Queens.Carl – Bobby's grandfather – had followed Mercedes back from the US after she'd snatched her son, leading to uncertainty over the schoolboy's future.We couldn't say he didn't deserve it, after he'd killed his own son Adam and turned Grace Black into a shadow of her former self throughout their abusive relationship.However, in another flashback that aired in November, confirmed that none of Glenn's main enemies had actually gone through with spiking his drink on that fateful day.

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