Im dating bodybuilder

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One of the biggest differences I noticed after I transformed my physique by adding muscle was how people treated me.

I now find they're more respectful and less confrontational. It also means the bad guys are much less likely to target me because they assume I can whip open a can of whoopass when necessary.

It's no secret why more people aren't bodybuilders. Most people simply don't have the drive, dedication, and ambition to continually push themselves to follow through and commit to the lifestyle 24/7.

When you meet a male bodybuilder, rest assured he is committed to a cause and unafraid of taking on challenges.

Being able to say this honestly actually made life and work seem easier.

It's no coincidence that many bodybuilders started out as manual laborers. We have the physical capability to do it, as well as the mental capacity to push through and get physically demanding tasks done without crying about being too tired.

The problem that these athletic women, and female bodybuilders, are having now is finding men who are able to meet their expectations.

They want real men who know how to approach them with confidence, get their number, plan and have a date and continue on into a relationship that creates mutual happiness, Sounds simple, but women are finding it to be very difficult.

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Committing to a fit and healthy lifestyle isn't easy.

If you're dating a guy who works hard, is committed and dedicated in his everyday life, is focused on his goals, and lives a healthy life, it's natural that you'll be affected in a positive, affirming manner.

Bodybuilder Chat City is a new dating platform that looks to provide men and women in the bodybuilding community the opportunity for instant smooth communication with like-minded individuals.

There are more single female bodybuilders and athletic women than ever before.

For the first time in history women are being encouraged to really work out and even compete in sports, like female bodybuilding, that were once exclusively male.

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