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Its a gaming community that came up with their own design in which YOU have to update it manually if you want new trophies to show up. I was just trying to say that it's good to know that there's something being done to make their service more like Live.Its very cool and I use their designs for many forums but its still not automatic and thats the key. And yes, I already knew that this had nothing to do with Sony.The site will send you a message on PSN and send you an email when your card is ready. I can sign in to eu.but when I try to transfer my account info its saying my email address and password are incorrect which is bull.With the Playfire card, you will have to log into the SCEE site to update your Playfire card.

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SCEE is looking into what Play Fire is doing and will be shutting that aspect down.

Play Fire is pretty much abusing the system Sony has placed up at the moment and making things harder for people to get stuff in the future like an official api.

I suggest staying away from the auto-update cards as they will not work in a few days when Sony fixes the exploit that Play Fire is doing.

Update using Wi-Fi Obviously the big feature on this vita update is the ability to hide any trophies you want from your profile.

It has been confirmed that hiding a set of trophies does not change your grand total Should be interesting to hear from Sef over at YGC and see how this effects him.

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