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As Remy entered puberty she began to realize she was attracted to both sexes.

From her reaction to a patient who also admitted attraction to the same sex in the episode The Softer Side, it appears that she had to handle a great deal of confusion over this during her high school years.

House - she surmised the patient's synesthesia may have been caused by a thrombosis and asked if the patient spent "A lot of time above 20,000 feet." The patient was an air force pilot and House ran with her suggestion, although it turned out to be wrong.

Well, like you said, you wouldn't interrupt Buddy if it wasn't important.

Her nickname comes from the number she was assigned - 13. In The Right Stuff, she soon chimed in with the first reasonable suggestion, immediately getting the attention of Dr.It has not been revealed where Remy went to medical school, although it is revealed in the episode Unfaithful that she at some point did an ER rotation in Miami.By the time she reaches the application process, she has completed a residency program and has been designated a specialist in internal medicine.In The Dig, it was revealed that Remy's brother also suffered from Huntington's Disease and that Remy's time in prison was due to euthanizing him in the late stages of his illness.House offered to euthanize her when the time came and when it was right. In House's Head, House mentioned the movie Altered State S, released in 1980, and Remy remarked that she hadn't been born then.

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