Microsoft outlook shared calender not updating

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The new attendees will be able to view all existing attachments when they receive the forwarded meeting.

We appreciate hearing about what you think of the updated experience so please opt-in to try it out and then use shared calendars as you do today.

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Visit Stack Exchange A shared calendar is not automaticly updated anymore.

The worst thing about it is that these occurrences are selective.

Scheduled meetings are updating on some devices and not on the others.

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It’s an important piece of software for so many users who require organization and scheduling, including meetings with anyone from your contacts list.This gets peculiar when scheduled meetings successfully update changes on the web-based Outlook while the desktop app fails to do so.There are no official solutions provided by Microsoft at the moment, but we can suggest a few steps based on the app version.When the user creates an element in this shared calendar it does not get sync. But when he presses update folder (in the menu - send/recive) then the calendar gets updated/synced too.What could cause the problem that it does not get updated automaticly anymore?

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