Top dating movies

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Sarah Nolan (played by the leading lady), has no interest in pursuing romance, but her sister secretly creates a profile for her on Perfect

Unfortunately Sarah must learn the hard way that inaccurate information on a dating website can lead to some traumatizing first dates (including the one with John Cusack).

But the film teaches us that happiness can be only achieved by not giving up.

This movie isn’t about a specific dating site and instead focuses on a worrying trend called ‘catfishing’.

A film starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks back from 1998, when chat rooms were independent and people used AOL email accounts.

Whether you prefer classic rom-coms or Stallone-style action flicks, watching a film is one of the most popular date night activities.

This 2010 American film can be viewed as a documentary film on the matter.

Nev Schulman develops a relationship with Megan on Facebook, so far so good.

It’s undeniable that online dating heavily influences the way that couples meet each other.

In 2013, one third of married couples met each other online, and the number has steadily grown ever since.

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