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Look up mail order brides from Lithuania today and get a beautiful love story started! Free to join, easy & interactive to use 100% real persons to meet Romantic date in Riga or any European country Transfer, rentals, local booking Translators, tour guide services Related assistance at our office24 hour customer support by Agency Teamwork Variety of events, fancy balls Special offers & facilities for VIP members Professional and experienced handling Personal manager working for you only!With 92% educated and women faring better than men, she would also be quite accomplished professionally.Lithuanian brides are hugely Western oriented with an 8.9% GDP growth in 2007 since joining the European Union and an economic partnership with the Western world.

Distinguished by their exceptionally beauty, personalities, modesty and devotion, she will be your ideal lover, partner and friend.When you are in her country, explore the cuisine of bacon (lasinukai), pickled gherkins (agurkeliai), herring with beetroots (silke pataluose), white potato salad (balta misraine), dark garlic bread (duona su cesnaku), and potato dumplings with meat (cepelinai). Lithuania as a country is crazy about basketball so that should be a lot of fun! If you really want to win her heart, gift her amber.Said to have healing properties it is a natural stone from the Baltic Sea and considered the national stone of Lithuania.A survey by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union declared that There were around 15% more women than men in the total population in the Baltic countries.For example: in Lithuania 115 women of marriageable age for every one hundred men. Lithuania is comparatively less wealthy among its neighboring countries with the average income being 60% lesser. To impress Lithuanian women, you must dress well paying special attention to your coat, pants and a great button up shirt.

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