Christian views on dating and courtship who is david caruso dating

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In this episode, guest speaker, Pastor Jerome Martin, addresses the claim that the God of the Bible was forced upon blacks in order to control and enslave them.

What does the Bible say about the origin of ethnic groups? Are there examples of blacks, or dark-skinned individuals, in the Bible? These are just some of the questions that are very clearly explained from the Bible in this very informative episode. Listen as guest speaker, Brother Nestor Campbell, discusses these questions and more. How do Sigmund Freud's methods line up with Christianity? Should a Christian ever get counseling from a secular psychologist?

Would the book of Song of Solomon in the Bible be pornographic?

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Enjoy listening to this very informative episode as Pastor Murphy and Brother Erskine explain what the Bible teaches about eternal security. What is the basis of my salvation and why does that matter in our discussion about security? Learn how Islam could very likely change the western world that we live in. What role does the Baha'i faith play in end times prophecy? Does the Bible support the claim that Peter was the first pope? Want to know what the Mormon church teaches about God, creation, man, and salvation? Were satanic spirits involved in the founding of the Mormon cult? Why are we discussing the Seventh-day Adventists as part of this series on cults? How do you determine if a church is teaching truth? How can a Christian be free of a pornography addiction? The practice of speaking in tongues has caused a lot of controversy among Christianity. David Murphy will share with us the history and original purpose of speaking in tongues at Pentecost, and we'll discuss if this spiritual gift is still available and truly used appropriately today. What are some physical things that a couple should know about each other before they decide to get married? Why is it essential to have a man and a woman in a marriage? Does a divorced person ever have the right to remarry? What constitutes marriage from a Biblical perspective? Is a remarried, divorced person continuing to live in adultery? If a married couple cannot have children, what are acceptable methods to having children? What's the basis of a strong marital relationship? Why should Christians even talk about this worldly topic? How will the Christian father's role change in the family and the church after a divorce? Would the book of Song of Solomon in the Bible be pornographic? What's being celebrated at a Caribbean carnival? Each of these movements emphasize the use of spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit. David Murphy discusses these movements and their focus on minor spiritual gifts. If a couple knows that they can't have children should they still get married? How does God judge the world because of homosexuality? Should Christians be disgusted by the homosexual or try to win them to Christ? If a couple knows that they can't have children should they still get married? How should a Christian deal with a homosexual friend? What should the attitude of Christians be toward sodomy, homosexuality, or same-sex marriage? In this episode, guest speaker, Pastor Osburt Joseph does a great job of explaining Biblical Covenants using easy to understand language and memorable illustrations. These are just some of the questions that were thoroughly answered in this episode. What type of attitudes should we never allow in our family? If you have ever studied Biblical Covenants this episode will be a good refresher for you. Are there terms and conditions in relation to God’s covenants? In this episode, guest speaker Pastor Nestor Campbell, does a great job of answering listener’s questions while clearly explaining why God’s plan for the family is the only solid foundation for a nation. What are the benefits of following the Biblical model for families? How did it become so socially acceptable if it is such a big problem? David Murphy answers these questions along with many others. Why is Afrocentrism important to the Rasta movement? Listen as we have guest speakers, Pastor Jerome Martin and CRL Augustine Erskine, give their testimonies of leaving the Rasta movement and discuss this topic.

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