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Table : Main XML Schema Data Types ●General Data Types This "Employee Type type" designated by the type attribute is a Complex Data Type. In the actual content of the Complex Type, Employee Type type is designated with the name attribute of the complex Type element, and the Model Group (settings method for the occurrence order of the child element) is designated in the child element.In the Model Group, use the sequence element to output occurrences in the order written (equivalent to the "," in DTD), and use the choice element to output the occurrence of any given element (equivalent to the "|" in DTD).Under LIST2, the "xmlns:xs=" section at Line 2 is a Namespace declaration.The "xs" designation is called the "Namespace Prefix," and can be used with an element and a child element. When declaring an element, an ELEMENT keyword is used under DTD; however, under XML Schema, the element element is used.

When defining XML Schema, the content you wish to put into an XML document must first be summarized. This provides us with an understanding of the hierarchical structure of the XML document.

LIST1: Employee Information DTD As you see, the syntax is completely different between the two.

For the DTD, a unique syntax is written, whereas the XML Schema is written in XML format conforming to XML 1.0 syntax.

Traditionally, DTD has been the standard for XML schema definition; however, XML usage has expanded dramatically in core application systems, being tailored for a wide range of purposes for which DTD is not fully capable of supporting.

Given this development, the W3C recommended "XML Schema" as a schema definition language to replace DTD.

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