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Allegro (C minor) - - - - - - 3-4 Trio (C major) ------- 3-4 IV. Every licensee shall not, in his place of amusement, allow any person to wear upon the head a covering which obstructs the view of the exhibition or performance in such place of any per- son seated in any seat therein provided for spectators, it being understood that a low head covering without projection, which does not obstruct such view, may be worn. Com- mentators have more than once pointed out the striking general similarity between the characters of Adolar and Euryanthe, and Lysiart and Eglan- tine in Euryanthe, and those of Lohengrjn and Elsa, and Telramund and c A Tonic and Nerve Food Horsford's Acid Phosphate. Now -we come upon one of the most originally poetic episodes in all Weber. In those days, a "good accompanist" was not one who played sympathetic accompani- ments to singers or solo instruments, but one who could develop the unwritten "accompaniment" (organ or harpsichord part) into full harmony according to the rules of the art. (19) fill, and honest men on both sides, and the question can in no wise be regarded as settled yet.

This is not the place to go into the merits of this discussion ; sufiice it to say that there are, roughly speaking, two op- posing parties: the so-called "historical" party and — the other. The protagonists of the artistic party were Robert Franz, Julius Schaffer, and Otto Dresel, Franz Liszt being among their strong .sympathisers. Artistically, the concert was rather disastrous : the ex- treme length of the program and the unusual difficulty of the music made 5c Packages. The popular legend that Beethoven intended this grand exordium of the symphony to suggest "Fate knocking at the gate" is apocryphal; Beethoven's pupil, Ferdinand Ries, was really the author of this would-be-poetic exegesis, which Beetho- ven received very sarcastically, when Ries imparted it to him. I will acknowledge my guilt at his feet ; I will lessen my Sextus's crime, even if I cannot save him, by my own undoing. And, by the way, if this prin- ciple is to be applied to the Tell overture, what becomes of the overture to Wagner's Fliegende Hollander 7 What becomes of the Siegfried- Idyll?

In slow Largo eight violins soli e con sordini play FAVORITE SONGS. Of course the question of how much and what the accompanist was to play is hard to answer satisfactorily now. Discussions on it are very like discussions on Religion : of the sort that convince only one side.

Half a teaspoon in half a glass of water affords quick relief when depressed, or weary from overwork, worry, insom- nia or other nerve-destroying conditions. The passage is borrowed from Eglantine's vision of old Emma's ghost, in the third act of the opera, but has here an entirely sylvan charac- ter of twilight mystery. Of course something was written ; but this something was only the bass — the part played by the orchestral basses — with or without thorough-bass figuring. Probably it never will be entirely settled to everybody's satisfaction.

It was produced in Berlin on December 23, 1825, and shortly afterwards in Wei- mar and Dresden. In- deed the first two phrases of the overture to Enryanthe are surpassed in brilliancy and dash only by the corresponding phrases in the Allegro con fuoco of the overture to Oberon. Our prices for Colonial cabinet work arfe very low. Then, the whole third movement is indicated by nothing more than the direction : " Organo ad libitum,^'' not a note of it being written, not even an indication of key or tempo ; that is, the whole of this movement was meant to be improvised by the player as an organ solo.

i8, 17S6; died in London on June 5, 1826.) Euryanthe, grand romantic opera in three acts, the text by Wilhelmine von Chezy, the music by Carl Maria von Weber, was given for the first time at the Court Opera House in Vienna on October 25, 1823. The overture, in E-flat major, opens with one of those impetuous rushes of the whole orchestra which were peculiarly characteristic of Weber. This theme is then worked out fugally in conjunction with a vigorously rhythmic counter-subject. The third part is a tolerably exact reproduction of the first, save that the martial theme of the wind instruments is omitted, and the second theme now comes m fortissimo in the tonic E-flat major in the entire orchestra. This overture is scored for 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trom- bones, I pair of kettle-drums, and the usual strings. Ik-dn'oni fiiniibli(.d in tlit style of the late Colonial periotl 1 17(10-7 5 1, liach piece of furniture is an exact reproduction on the lines of a century ago. \Ve are prepared to supply from our stock the complete furniture for any room in Colonial style. In the second movement there occur frequent gaps, against which "■ ad libitum^'' is written ; meaning that the player should fill them out by improvising. A new method of teaching music for pupils and classes .

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