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But those new accessories will work with the older SHIELD just fine.) Unfortunately, some of the new features I really want to try, like Assistant for Android TV, won't launch for a while yet.And if you really want the micro SD or micro USB ports, the 500GB Pro model has retained them.And the SHIELD's new NVIDIA Spot companion device has an as-yet unknown launch date, so there's nothing I have to say about that.It uses the same power supply as the old version, too.God didn't create you to live an average, ordinary life.You're not going to "just get by" or "barely make it"; you're destined for growth, for gain, for greatness!I've never personally visited any of these sites, all I know is 4chan is where you go to post images or something. I'm also very curious what Onion Chan is, I've always heard it referenced with fear and it's near the bottom in this graphic, which I saw in an article about the deep web. EDIT: And all the other CHANs in the graphic up there ^2chan either refers to the japanese message board 2channel, or the image board futaba channel (which has the 2domain)4chan is a westernized version of, and was created because no english site existed like 2(at the time)somewhere along the line, people took the basic chan/imageboard coding and started hosting their own chan boards to host their own content.

While the MSRP is the same as the outgoing version (9), you get the SHIELD remote control included at no extra cost, whereas previously it was a accessory.

I don't understand how that happens if all the users are completely anonymous and have no screen names.

From what I've seen of 4chan a thread you would never know if you're having a conversation with the same person.7chan had a good run.

For a chan, and what chans are about, there was a year or so where the site truly was fantastic. In a way that's horrible.7chan was small enough that the content tended to be better while still pretty regularly changing. Between the purges, the site being down, etc, it just died. In that time around 2007 maybe, I don't know, it was insane and awesome.

4chan had such a massive user base, it became like reddit without the upvotes. Go to some obscure chan and the posts might not change for weeks, and they suck. I used to frequent 4chan and /b/ back in 20, and posted quite a bit of original content there.

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