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feminine energy – the stronger the attraction will be in the relationship.

If two people have a similar sexual polarity, that is, both are more “masculine” or more “feminine,” then the attraction between them will be diminished.

This happens when a man has been hurt by women and learns to please them.

It’s time to strip away the masks and embrace who you are at your core.

In short, these fears or limiting beliefs cause us to wear a “mask.” For a woman with a feminine core, a mask is created by the following events: Stage 1: A little girl is born with a feminine essence.But if there is a strong difference, where one is extremely “feminine” and the other partner is “masculine,” then the physical attraction will be maximized.To not only keep the passion in your relationship alive, but to increase the intimacy and attraction between you and your partner, it is vital that both people in the relationship cultivate their own natural energy, be it male or female.As David Deida says, “Never tell a man with a masculine sexual essence that he is wrong, and never tell a woman with a feminine sexual essence that she is ugly.” The feminine partner feels too insecure to relax into their femininity, and the masculine partner is bent out of shape and loses his masculine backbone.Many couples spend years this way and get used to the loss of passion.

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